Radiant Floor Heating

Would you like clean, quiet, and comfortable heat? You can have everything you’d like with Mann’s radiant floor heating systems.

Radiant floor heating circulates hot water through tubing placed in the structure’s floor in order to provide the best in heating comfort. Radiant heating systems have been popular in Europe and America for decades, due to the comfort they provide and their energy efficient features.



Forced-air heating distributes heat unevenly around the room with most of the heat staying close to the ceiling.  The air becomes dry as moisture is sucked out of the home. Radiant heat keeps the heat where you need it, where you walk and sit. No need to worry about blocking vents, furniture can be placed virtually anywhere throughout the room without affecting heat distribution.


Radiant floor heating technology:

  • is compatible with all types of structure or floor coverings
  • can be connected to any and all heat sources
  • can be expanded to include outdoor utilization, for instance, snow melting heat used for sidewalks and driveways
  • is quiet, and unnoticeable
  • reduces energy bills by up to 20% to 40%
  • helps keep household air pollutant and allergen free
  • is particularly energy efficient when used in combination with solar panels

Residential Solutions


Other Advantages of Radiant Floor Technology include:

  • high energy efficiency: using radiant flooring earns LEED accreditation points
  • keeping heat concentrated near the floor is especially important in commercial environments with high ceilings
  • ductwork is always hidden from the naked eye and placed beneath the floor
  • cools and heats with equal efficiency
  • efficiency can be increased with the use of flexible control of separate heating zones

Commercial Solutions


Mann’s Expertise in Radiant Floor Technology

We have been designing and installing radiant heating systems for over ten years. We have extensive training as well as support from Uponor used for providing total solutions for all your heating needs.

The professional radiant heating design team at Mann Plumbing has installed a variety of floor heating projects:

  • Custom homes both large and small
  • Commercial warehouse and office spaces
  • Small retrofit “floor conditioning” projects
  • Heated shower walls!

We’ve connected hot water heating systems to gas and electric boilers, water heaters, wood furnaces, geothermal, and even solar panel sources.

Mann Plumbing is a registered member of the national Radiant Panel Association. We have extensive radiant design and installation training provided by Uponor-USA, and have professional experience with boiler installations for home and commercial uses.

Call us today for a free consultation! Let us help with your project so you can achieve the level of comfort and efficiency you deserve.