Solar Panel Installation — Loren Wood Builders

MPI Solar Panel

MPI Solar Panel Installation at Loren Wood Builders

MPI Solar recently installed a solar panel system on site at Loren Wood Builders, located at 4535 East 3rd Street in Bloomington. To work with a builder was an honor; we understand that these guys know their stuff! Sustainability practices abound there, so it was right up our alley. It’s always great to work business-to-business within this tight-knit community, because it helps us all develop great relationships so we can better help private clients with their home and business needs and help them achieve the best possible ROI.

We reached out to Loren Wood Builders and asked them to speak a little about working with us during their solar panel installation:

“As we primed our new shop for daily operations, we knew that we would eventually install a solar energy system.  For Loren Wood Builders, it is really important that we minimize our environmental impact as much as we possibly can; hosting an energy system that is clean and sustainable is an obvious choice in the facilitation of this goal.  As we moved to install a solar energy system at our new shop, going with MPI was an easy choice for us.  We’ve worked with Dave and Amie for several years now and our experiences have always been incredibly pleasant and positive.  Mark and Will were just fantastic while they were out at our shop every day.  In addition to being very polite and friendly, the work ethic that they each demonstrated informs the value that MPI Solar places upon their commitment to their clients and community.  We couldn’t be happier with the result!”

At MPI Solar, we get to know our clients well before we install a solar panel system for them. We want to make sure we’re the best fit and that our client will get the best ROI. The fact that Loren Wood Builders, a company dedicated to sustainability practices in building, and all-around nice people, chose us to install their system speaks for itself. We’re proud of what we do here, and we’re proud of our clients, too. We hope you’ll become one of them.