pureWash: Eco-Friendly Laundry System


Key Features

  • Advanced oxidation laundry system for use with residential washing machines.
  • Use little to no detergent or fabric softener for normally soiled clothes.
  • Eliminates the need for hot water used in laundry.
  • Projected to provide over 10 years of great service.
  • Available for both top loading and front loading models.

Energy Saving

  • pureWash® consumes only 25 watts of electricity, which is less than the average light bulb!
  • Only uses electricity when your washing machine needs more water added.
  • Heated water is unnecessary
  • Clothes dry faster and last longer without the ill effects of soap residue.


  • No discharge of chemicals in laundry waste water, creating a safer and cleaner environment.
  • Improves health of septic systems with decreased clogging and increased decomposition by “good bacteria” often killed by chemical detergents.
  • Reduces disposal of plastic laundry containers that clutter our landfills (average family of 4 uses approximately 37 containers per year).

Health Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates skin irritations and allergic reactions caused by detergents and residual chemicals in fabric.
  • Ozone kills micro-organisms found in soiled laundry (kills bacteria 3000 times faster than bleach).
  • Ozone kills bacteria like Salmonella or E Coli by interfering with cell walls.