Solar Energy Systems of Indiana

MPI Solar can create an array that exceeds your dreams and satisfies your needs and desires.  Would you prefer using solar tracking to aerial of solar panelsmaximize your solar production?  We can do that!  We are experienced in roof mount, ground mount, pole mount, and off-grid solar energy systems.

The roof mount is a popular and often convenient solution which can be used should the building’s roof face predominantly south.  We have some flexibility in panel orientation, but when the roof is shaded or surrounded by trees we design one of the options below as a more usable option.


10 kW ground mount


The ground mount system requires a bit more space but the panels are more accessible for maintenance or repairs. The racking and labor are also less expensive and quicker to install.  Some people prefer  the panels raised higher in the air and greatly benefit from using the smaller footprint of the pole mounted system.



Woodchuck Hard Cider hired AllEarth Renewables to install this solar orchard of AllSun Trackers.


Are you interested in a pole mounted system AND want to increase your solar production? We introduce you to AllSun Trackers.  These systems track the daily and annual movements of the sun by using  GPS and a dual axis system.  AllSun Trackers are tried and tested and have been proven to produce up to 45% more energy than fixed systems.

We can help those who are deep in the woods and those who just prefer to disconnect entirely from the grid as well.  Several customers currently have battery storage for their solar production and have no need for fossil fueled electricity.  One even has a cow watering pump!  The pump runs solely on solar energy with battery storage in the middle of their fields way out in a deep rural area!

Learn more about the operation of a solar photovoltaic array here.