Solar Hot Water

Renewable, available and efficient, solar hot water is here to stay!  Using our plumbing and solar energy expertise on each project, we bring a versatile approach to the table which enables our team to create long-term solutions which meet your needs.

A solar water system works using three basic components:

  • Collection: Copper tubes or fins are heated by the solar collector, which gets its power from the suns rays
  • Storage: Heated water is stored in a tank
  • Distribution: Your hot water heater distributes solar hot as needed.

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Beyond the basics:

  • The diagram is of a closed loop system.  The glycol runs through the panel, absorbs the heat, and the heat exchanger transfers the heat through water.
  • The differential controller (delta T controller) monitors the temperature at the panels. It alerts the pumps to move the circulating fluid to the panels.
  • The system requires very little electricity. Compared to old ways of heating water via electricity, this system can save a significant amount of money in utility bills.