Natural Lighting


  • In under 2 years your investment including installation is paid back
  • Brings natural light into any space with little to no heat gain
  • No more leaking skylights
  • Operation is free
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Earn points towards LEED certification of your building
  • Qualifies for Federal Tax Credit.


Product Information:

  • Three different styles of diffusers offered.All used to disperse light all throughout
  • Three sizes available that can easily and affordably illuminate 150 sq. ft. to 500 sq.ft.
  • Commercial lights can illuminate up to 700 sq.ft.
  • Domed top catches sunlight all through the day.
  • Flashing collar comes in two styles used to protect your roof
  • Lenses prevent heat and also UV radiation from entering
  • Dimmer kit is available and much, much more!

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