What is included in a Solar Assessment?

Step 1

First we perform a solar evaluation offsite. You will receive a follow up contact, usually by email or phone call, from Amie or Dave at MPI.  We gather as much information from you as we can in the early stages of our process so we can get a good idea of a property’s solar potential. For a remote evaluation, we use Google Earth satellite photos so please be sure to include your address!

We also gather information regarding your energy usage, depending upon the solar technology. So, for example, if you’re interested in photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce electricity, we will need to know about how much electricity you use per month, for 12 months, in kilowatt hours (KwH).  This ensures we take note of seasonal variations of your system in use. If you don’t have that the information handy currently, your utility company can send over a copy by request.

Step 2

Next is our onsite solar assessment. An onsite visit takes about 30-45 minutes which will be scheduled in advance. During your assessment we will:

  • Discuss your goals for solar, your energy usage, project timetable, etc. this time priceless because our first priority is to listen and learn your needs in order to better advise you based on your goals and unique situation not to make a sale!
  • Based on our discussion, we next take a look at your home or business to find the best placement for solar technology – this is typically the roof, however sometimes the roof just isn’t an option for a variety of reasons – (shading, orientation, size, etc.) and then we look for a acceptable place for a ground mount array on the yard/surrounding property . We’ll use our SolarPathfinder® shading analysis tool to take pictures, measure and plot the area to find the easiest path to your utility panel/room to tie the system in with your existing equipment.
  • Once we have all gathered all our measurements and taken our photos, we will answer all of your questions, then it’s back to the lab for the next step of our process.

From all the information gathered from our onsite assessment and discussions, we will put together a custom solar design and energy report for your review. We always schedule a follow-up meeting to go over the report, as it will contain lots of pertinent information. At the meeting we will answer any questions you may have and address any concerns. From here, we can make any requested revisions needed.

There is no charge for this service and you under no obligation to purchase.